Noida to lift ban on registration of apartments in sports city project

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Noida’s Sports City housing project in Sector 150 may soon see an end to a three-year ban on apartment registrations. This is welcome news for many families who have been waiting patiently for their homes to be properly registered. The ban was put in place back in 2021 due to concerns raised during a government audit conducted by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).

Recently, a committee called the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), made up of important government representatives, has recommended lifting the ban. They’ve also suggested approving changes to the layout of the project. This decision could benefit thousands of homebuyers who have been enduring uncertainty and frustration for several years.

The Noida Authority, responsible for overseeing the project, is now gearing up to discuss this matter in an upcoming board meeting. They hope to resolve it before the onset of the 2024 general elections. The Authority aims to ensure fairness and consider the best interests of all stakeholders involved.

The initial ban stemmed from concerns raised by the CAG audit, but now that these issues have been addressed, it’s time to move forward. The Sports City project aims to offer luxury housing along with ample green spaces and world-class sports facilities. Several well-known developers are involved in bringing this vision to life.

Despite the positive momentum, challenges such as disputes over land ownership have caused delays in the project’s progress. However, with the potential lifting of the ban and approval of the revised layout, there’s renewed hope for progress. People like Dinesh Gupta, a representative of the real estate developers’ association, are optimistic about the impact this decision could have on the housing market in Sector 150.

Overall, the potential lifting of the ban signifies a step towards resolving long-standing issues and bringing relief to homebuyers eagerly awaiting the completion of their dream homes in Noida’s Sports City.

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