Meet Dinesh Kumar, the guiding force behind our real estate family. With over a decade of experience, he’s our rock-solid expert in the world of real estate.

He has led teams and managed top-level operations for 5 strong years. That’s where he gained a treasure trove of knowledge that he’s always eager to share with our clients.

He’s not just a leader; he’s a mentor. His years of experience have taught him everything about the real estate game. But what sets him apart is his commitment to making things clear and easy for you.

He believes in honesty and building trust. That means transparency in every deal, and making sure every client and associate feels secure and informed throughout the process.

He doesn’t just deal in properties; he builds relationships. He’s the person who will guide you through the world of real estate with integrity and care.

At Lively Homes Realty, Dinesh Kumar is the heartbeat. His expertise combined with his ethical approach makes your journey here not just rewarding, but trustworthy.

Welcome to a place where real estate isn’t just about buying or selling—it’s about building connections. Welcome to Lively Homes Realty.

In the world of buying and selling homes, Mukesh Kumar, the head of Lively Homes Realty, stands out for his personal touch. He’s not just about deals; he’s all about making sure everyone, from his team to the homebuyers, feels taken care of.

His journey in real estate has been built on a foundation of caring for people. With years of experience, he’s learned that it’s not only about selling houses; it’s about understanding people’s needs and being there to support them. Through hard work and dedication, he’s achieved success by taking responsibility for his team and ensuring that customers receive special attention.

What sets Mukesh apart is his belief in personal assistance. He and his team are there to help customers every step of the way, providing guidance and support. This personal approach goes beyond just business; it’s about creating a meaningful connection with everyone involved.

Moreover, Mukesh has instilled a similar caring attitude within his company. He encourages his team to share his values, believing that when everyone works together with empathy and responsibility, it creates a better experience for customers.

Mukesh Kumar’s success in real estate isn’t solely about selling homes; it’s about building relationships. His dedication to caring for others and taking responsibility has not only brought success but has also made buying and selling homes a more enjoyable and enriching journey for everyone involved

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Welcome to a place where real estate isn’t just about buying or selling—it’s about building connections. Welcome to Lively Homes Realty.

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